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Spotlight on... Brain Training

Brain Training Over 30 puzzle types online for a really great brain workout!

We've a huge range of maths puzzles, and number puzzles not to mention great logic puzzles and a choice selection of word puzzles to choose from. Improve your mind and train your brain the fun way with the largest selection of puzzles imaginable - all here online to play at the Puzzle Club!
More than tough puzzles

Whether you have just one minute to spare, or one hour, there's something for you here at Puzzle Club - from quick fire puzzles such as wordladders through to tricky puzzles such as toroidal sudoku and giant sudoku that will prove a real challenge and be proportionately time consuming.

Not convinced? Feel free to browse around the site, try the samples, and get a feel for just how much puzzle content is on offer for just one annual fee. We look forward to you joining our Puzzle Club.

Benefits And Sample Puzzles

There are thousands of puzzles to enjoy as a Puzzle Club Member, including:
  - Sudoku: including creator tool. Sample >>>
  - Sudoku X: A fun Sudoku variant. Sample >>>
  - Kakuro: 100 great puzzles. Sample >>>
  - Hanjie: 100 fun puzzles to enjoy. Sample >>>
  - Killer Sudoku: 260 superb puzzles! Sample >>>
  - Codewords: Play 200 fun puzzles. Sample >>>
  - Jigsaw Sudoku: Play 200 puzzles.Sample >>>
  - Killer Sudoku X: 100 fun puzzlesSample >>>
  - Hitori: Play 20 great puzzles. Sample >>>
  - Logic Puzzles: Thinking clearly?! Sample >>>
  - Wordwheels - fun word puzzles. Sample >>>
  - Cryptograms - crack the code! Sample >>>
  - Brain Teasers Lateral thinking! Sample >>>
  - Word Search Find the words! Sample >>>
  - Fillomino Just fill in the grid! Sample >>>
  - Nurikabe Define the islands! Sample >>>
  - ABC Puzzles Flex those grey cells! Sample >>>
  - Word Ladders 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - A to Z Puzzles 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Slitherlink Fun loopy puzzles! Sample >>>
  - Toroidal Sudoku 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Offset Sudoku 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Extra Region Sudoku 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Logi-5 Puzzle 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Futoshiki 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - 16x16 Sudoku 25 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Sumdoku 100 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Bridges 50 puzzles Sample >>>
  - Number Square 100 puzzles Sample >>>
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