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Arrow Words

Arrow words are an interesting variation on the standard crossword, and the image to the right shows what an arrow word grid looks like once complete: arrow word

Arrow words are a popular puzzle and there are several magazines on the market that contain this puzzle type. Some of these have words to represent the clues whilst still others are picture arrow words that have images instead of words as the clues, or to replace some of the clues.

The aim is simple: a clue is given in a square and then an arrow points in the direction that the answer to that clue needs to be written, simply answer all the clues until you fill the crossword grid. Due to the nature of the arrow word (also called block word or clues in squares) the clues are shorter and snappier than is often the case with a crossword puzzle. Some of the answers may be a phrase or contain more than one word, so watch out for when this could occur so that you don't get confused.

If you're new to arrow words or have played them in the past, then hopefully you will enjoy this selection of arrow word puzzles. They are in printable puzzle PDF format, so you can print them off to play them as and when you like. Logged in members will now see a selection of arrow word puzzles linked to below. If you're not a member, then you can Register here.