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Puzzle Selection

In this new section of the puzzle club, we will occasionally add links to a mix of one-off puzzles, that may include unusual sudoku variations and so forth.

Here is a Toroidal Sudoku X puzzle.

For those who like the more unusual Japanese puzzles, here is a Heyawake Puzzle, complete with rules!

For those who remember playing dominoes when they were younger, here is a Domino Puzzle - simply copy out the set of dominoes onto paper and then work out which number belongs to which domino from 0-0 to 6-6.

If you want a valid sudoku puzzle with very few givens, then try this puzzle which we've called Least Givens Sudoku

For those who want a real sudoku challenge, then why not try our 16 x 16 sudoku or for a truly daunting challenge the massive 25 x 25 sudoku.

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