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Bridges Puzzle

Welcome to the new Bridges puzzles section of the Puzzle Club, the latest great puzzle addition to the range of puzzles to play at the Puzzle Club. hashi / bridges

If you've not come across it before, bridges is a fun logic puzzle that also goes under a range of other names such as hashi, which is an abbreviation of the Japanese name for the puzzle.

It is a little simpler than some Japanese puzzles but none the less fun because of that fact. The aim of bridges is simple: to draw islands between bridges so that each island has the number of bridges attached to it indicated. An island is shown by a circle with a number in it. There can be no more than two bridges between the same two islands. Also, islands cannot cross, and can only be drawn horizontally or vertically.

The final intriguing rule of bridges is called the no isolation rule, and this means that it must be possible to move from ANY island to any other island in the puzzle by walking across the bridges, which is the same as saying that no island, or set of islands, can be isolated from any other island. With some of the trickier puzzles, you will need to use this information to work out which way particular bridges in the puzzle must connect.

All the bridges puzzles are in printable format as PDFs complete with the solution on the second page, so make ideal puzzles to print and play away from the computer at your leisure: for instance on the train to work or just to unwind in the evening. Here is a Bridges Sample puzzle.

Members have access to 50 printable bridges puzzles as part of their membership - if you are signed in then the puzzles will show up below, otherwise please register to play this enjoyable logic puzzle. Alternatively if you prefer to play puzzles in book format, then take a look at the Book of Bridges Puzzles.